Fattest Child

10 years old this boy named Arya Permana become the world’s fattest child lives in Indonesia. Its really surprising that, this world’s fattest child weighs 190 kgs. He eats 5 meal a day. Arya Permana, who lives in West Java, was put on a crash diet by his worried parents who fear he may soon die.

Arya permana’s mom Rokayah Somantri said,

I wish he can go back to normal because it makes me sad. We just feed our son normal portions but he can eat up to 5 meals a day and is perpetually hungry

World’s fattest child was born as a normal kid but around the time he was only 3 years old, then he started ballooning. Permana spends most of his time in reading comics, playing video games, eating and sleeping. To take baths, he lowers himself into a small pool outside of his home.


Arya permana’s father says,

I have insufficient money to buy food to fulfil his large appetite. I borrow money so that he can eat. Of course, I cannot keep him starving


Arya’s weight possesses a serious threat to his life, his mother has put him on very strict diet. He will now only be fed brown rice that his mother believes is the only thing that can stall his monstrous growth.