Here are many Super Humans which will shock you by their ability of doing Tremendous Things.


Claudio Pinto, A Eye Popping Man

Claudio Pinto was born in Brazil Rio De Janeiro some 54 years ago, is able to pop his eyes out of their sockets and extend his globes up to 7 millimeters past the sockets which is about 95% of the eyeball.

Eye popping is considered by doctors to be a product of luxation of eye sockets which allows one to pop a considerable percentage of their eyeballs off its socket. While this tremendous thing does not cause any lasting damage, it can strain blood vessels and cause limited distress.

Before some time, Pinto was employed to scare visitors in a haunted house, although he was laid off and has since focused on increasing his abilities. Pinto says he can remember popping his eyes as young as nine years and has been doing it often without experiencing any pain.


Daniel Browning Smith, A Flexible Man Alive

This is Daniel Browning Smith and he has been named the most flexible man alive. You will shocked to see his flexibility. He’s flexible enough to dislocate his arms in order to fit through an unstrung tennis racket. This ‘Flexible Man’ has three Guinness World Records to his name for his abilities to going effective things.


Ben Underwood: Seeing With Sound

An another Super Human named as Ben Underwood which can see everything after understand the Sound. Ben Underwood lost his eyesight in very small age of 3 from cancer. Ben Underwood is able to make clicking sounds using his mouth and judge the sound produced to understand his surroundings and any obstacles in his way.

This trending ability or we can say that Super Power has allowed Ben to walk around without any fear, easily ride his bike and have many other normal childhood experiences.


Rathakrishnan Velu, Teeth Of Steel

After know about the ability of this Super Human, Your eyes will come out. This human also called as a Super Human with “Teeth Of Steel”.

A Super Human which named as Rathakrishnan Velu from Malaysia has an unique ability of pull weights of over 200 tonnes using his teeth. He claims he obtained this amazing talent when an Indian teacher taught him to channel all his power to a single part of his body when he was only 14 years old.


Michel Lotito, Eat It All

Michel Lotito lives in France, which have a Tremendous Power to eat something that should never enter the Human Body.

A Super Human which has an unique ability or we can say that a Super Power of eating Rubber, different Metals and all other crazy stuffs that should never eaten by a simple human being.


Hai Ngoc, A Super Human That Never Sleeps

An another human being with an shocking God Gifted Super Power i.e  he Never Sleeps.

You will get shocked to know about this Super Human. Hai Ngoc hasn’t slept since he got a flu in 1973. Fortunately, he continues to function completely normally and the lack of sleep has had no bad impact on his day to day activities.